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Portrait options


Debbie Offers various style portraits, these are digital art paintings from your own photographs.  


She will work with you step by step to make sure you are completely happy with your portrait before it is finally sent to print. 


Portraits can be finished in a white, black or oak frame & the prices shown include all artwork and frame.

Border Terrier Portrait by Debbie Barker


Small Framed Portrait
35cm x 35cm £100

Medium Framed Portrait
46cm x 46cm £130

Large Framed Portrait
56cm x 46cm £150

Multiple Framed Portrait
Additional £20 per dog

Please see examples below for each of the four styles.

Natural Portraits

Natural style portraits, Debbie will work with you and give the portratit a new background, working with backgrounds such as sunset beaches, woodland and meadows etc.

Natural Dog Portrait by Debbie Barker
Natural Dog Portrait by Debbie Barker

Colour Splash Portraits

Colour Splash portraits are fun & adorable, bright and colourful portraits, adding stunning bursts of colour through your dog's fur, surrounded by splashes of colour.

Colour Splash Dog Portrait by Debbie Barker
Colour Splash Dog Portrait by Debbie Barker

Trio Starburst

Trio Starburst combine three pieces of artwork, one in black and white, one natural colour and one with bright colours, finished with a surge of stars to one side.

trio starburst.jpg

Spa Day Dog

Spa Day Dog, make great pieces for your bathroom. 

Spa Day Dog.jpg
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